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Essay Questions for B212 Theology II

        Please answer each of the following questions in the form of a one page essay and submit them to the Quartz Hill School of Theology for evaluation and grading. Use the Bible and the reading assignments as sources for your answers.

1. Where do we learn most of what we know about the Father?
2. What roles do we see the Father playing in the Bible?
3. Discuss the pre-existence of Christ.
4. Discuss the importance of the Virgin birth.
5. Discuss the transfiguration of Christ.
6. Discuss the temptation of Christ.
7. Discuss the substitutionary death of Christ.
8. Explain the necessity for the resurrection of Christ.
9. What role does the Holy Spirit play today?
10. List and discuss the fruit of the Spirit.
11. Who am I?
12. Why am I here?
13. Where am I going?
14. Where does the soul come from?
15. What is the moral condition of humanity?

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