The Book of 3 John

I. Title

       The title comes from the name of the author; 3 John is the third of three letters ascribed to the apostle.

II. Author and Setting

       The book does not identify its author by name. He is simply called "the elder". However, the style and structure of the letter seem very similar to what was seen in 1 John, and so a common author may be assumed.
       The date of writing is hard to place, though AD 90 seems a good guess.

III. An Outline of 3 John

I. Salutation 1:1
II. About Gaius 1:2-8
III. About Diotrephes 1:9-10
IV. About Demetrius 1:11-12
V. Conclusion 1:13-15

IV. Questions on 3 John

1. What was Diotrephes doing?
2. What is the essence of John's message to Gaius?