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The Book of Exodus

I. Title

       The English title comes from the Greek translation of the Old Testament (the Septuagint). In Hebrew, the book's title is taken from the first words in the book, eleh shemot -- which mean "these are the names".

II. Author

       Moses is traditionally assumed to be the author of the book of Exodus. Please see the discussion at the beginning of Genesis for more information.

III. An Outline of Exodus

I. Salvation 1:1-19:2

A. Liberation 1:1-15:21
B. Journey to Sinai 15:22-18:27

II. Covenant: The Result of Salvation 19:1-40:38

A. The Giving of the Ten Commandments 19:1-20:21
B. Expansion on the Theme of the Ten Commandments 20:22-40:38

IV. Questions on Exodus

1. Discuss the dating of the Exodus. Be aware of the various positions on the nature and timing of the event.
2. Name the ten plagues and discuss their possible relationship to Egyptian deities.
3. List the ten commandments and give the reference in Exodus where they can be found.
4. Notice the trouble Moses experienced in leading the people out of Egypt and discuss how this relates to doing and knowing God's will.
5. Below is an outline of the tabernacle. Identify the various parts of it:

a. Bronze altar (brasen altar)
b. Bronze basin (laver)
c. Table of the Bread of the Presence (Table of Shewbread)
d. Golden Lampstand
e. Altar of Incense
f. Ark of the Covenant
g. The Most Holy Place (Holy of Holies)
h. The Holy Place

6. What is God's name and when was it first revealed?
7. Discuss the incident with the Golden Calf.
8. Discuss the Passover and its significance to Israel and to us today.
9. Give a brief biography of Moses, from birth through the Exodus.
10. What was in the ark of the covenant?
11. Describe the various garments worn by the priests.
12. Discuss the incidents with the Manna and the quail.
13. What are the waters of Marah and Elim?
14. What happened at the Rock of Horeb?
15. Discuss Jethro's visit with Moses.

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