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The Book of 1-2 Kings

I. Title

          The title "Kings" is the same in both the Hebrew original and in the Greek translation. It was derived from the content of the book.
          Though separated into two books in our translations, they were originally one book and will be treated as such for the purpose of the outline and this introduction.

II. Author

          Unknown at this time. It is clear that the materials contained in the books of 1-2 Kings are derived from other sources. (Cf. 1 Kings 11:41 and 2 Kings 8:23, for example.)

III. Outline

I. David's Successor 1:1-11:43

A. Adonijah 1:1-27
B. Solomon 1:28-11:43

II. A Kingdom Divided 12:1-2 Kings 16:20

A. Rehoboam 12:1-14:31
B. Abijah 15:1-8
C. Asa 15:9-24
D. Nadab 15:25-32 (Israel)
E. Baasha 15:33-16:7 (Israel)
F. Elah 16:8-14 (Israel)
G. Zimri 16:15-20 (Israel)
H. Omri 16:21-28 (Israel)
I. Ahab 16:29-22:40 (Israel)
J. Jehoshaphat 22:41-50
K. Ahaziah 22:51-1:18 (Israel)
L. Joram 2:1-8:15 (Israel)
M. Jehoram 8:16-24
N. Ahaziah 8:25-29
O. Jehu 9:1-10:36 (Israel)
P. Athaliah and Joash 11:1-12:21
Q. Jehoahaz 13:1-9 (Israel)
R. Jehoash 13:10-13:25
S. Amaziah 14:1-22
T. Jeroboam II 14:23-29
U. Azariah 15:1-7
V. Zechariah 15:8-12
W. Shallum 15:13-16 (Israel)
X. Menahem 15:17-22 (Israel)
Y. Pekahiah 15:23-26 (Israel)
Z. Pekah 15:27-31 (Israel)
AA. Jotham 15:32-38
BB. Ahaz 16:1-20

III. The Kingdom Falls 17:1-25:30

A. Hoshea 17:1-41 (Israel)
B. Hezekiah 18:1-20:21
C. Manasseh 21:1-18
D. Amon 21:19-26
E. Josiah 22:1-23:30
F. Jehoahaz 23:31-35
I. Jehoiakim 23:36-24:7
J. Jehoiachin 24:8-25:30

Questions on 1-2 Kings

1. Give a brief biography of the following individuals:

a. Solomon
b. Jeroboam
c. Rehoboam
d. Ahijah
e. Abijah
f. Asa
g. Nadab
h. Baasha
i. Elah
j. Zimri
k. Omri
l. Ahab
m. Elijah
n. Elishah
o. Gehazi
p. Obadiah
q. Ben-Hadad
r. Naboth
s. Micaiah
t. Jehoshaphat
u. Ahaziah (of Israel)
v. Joram
w. Naaman
x. Hazael
y. Jehoram
z. Ahaziah (of Judah)
aa. Jehu
bb. Jezebel
cc. Athaliah
dd. Joash
ee. Jehoahaz
ff. Jehoash
gg. Amaziah
hh. Jeroboam II
ii. Azariah
jj. Zechariah
kk. Shallum
ll. Pekahiah
mm. Pekah
nn. Jotham
oo. Ahaz
pp. Hoshea
qq. Hezekiah
rr. Sennacherib
ss. Isaiah
tt. Manasseh
uu. Amon
vv. Josiah
ww. Shaphan
xx. Hilkiah
yy. Jehoahaz
zz. Jehoiakim
aaa. Jehoiachin
bbb. Zedekiah

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