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The Book of Mark

I. Title

        The title comes from the name of the apparent author of the book.

II. Author and Setting

        Tradition points to John Mark as the author of this Gospel, the same John Mark who was companion to Paul and Barnabas; it was over Mark's behavior in leaving and Barnabas' desire to bring Mark with them, that lead to Barnabas and Paul splitting up (See Acts 13:13, 15:36-40). Later, Paul was to accept Mark again (see Colossians 4:10, 2 Timothy 4:11).
        Tradition also asserts that Mark was in some way associated with Peter, and that Peter furnished the materials and information that make up this book. In fact, some ancient writers called this book Peter's gospel.
        Regarding the relationship of Mark's gospel to the others, and chronological matters, see the introduction to the book of Matthew.

III. An Outline of the Book of Mark

I. Introduction 1:1-13
II. Early Galilean Ministry 1:14-7:23
III. Tyre and Sidon 7:24-30
IV. Northern Galilee 7:31-9:50
V. Perea and the Journey to Jerusalem 10:1-52
VI. Execution and Resurrection 11:1-16:8
VII. Later Scribal Addition 16:9-20

IV. Questions for Mark

        The questions for the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have been combined into one set of questions located at the end of the introduction to the book of John. The questions should be answered after reading all four gospels.

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