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The Book of Numbers

I. Title

        The English title comes from the Greek translation of the Old testament (the Septuagint). In Hebrew, the book's title is taken from the first word in the book, bemidbar-- which means "in the wilderness".

II. The Author

        Moses is traditionally assumed to be the author of the book of Numbers. Please see the discussion at the beginning of Genesis for more information.

III. An Outline of Numbers

I. The Census 1:1-4:49
II. Regulations 5:1-10:10
III. The Journey to Canaan 10:11-14:45
IV. The Years of Wandering 15:1-19:22
V. The Journey Back to Canaan 20:1-36:13

Questions on Numbers

1. Describe the Nazirite vow. Which biblical characters took the Nazirite vow?
2. What is the test for an unfaithful wife?
3. What happened at Taberah?
4. What happened at Kibroth Hattaavah?
5. What happened to Miriam and Aaron when they opposed Moses because of the Cushite (Ethiopian) wife he had taken?
6. Discuss the initial spying out of the land and the reaction of the people to the report from the spies. What was God's response?
7. Describe and discuss Korah's rebellion.
8. What happened at Meribah?
9. Describe and discuss Balak and Balaam.
10. Why did the snakes start biting the Israelites? What did God do to save them?
11. Describe Israel's relationship with Edom. With Moab.
12. Who are Zelophehad's daughters?
13. What are the cities of refuge? Give their purpose and names.

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