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The Book of 1-2 Samuel

I. Title

        The title, Samuel, is the same in both the Hebrew original and in the Greek translation. It was derived from the principle character in the early part of the book, the last judge, Samuel. Calling the book Samuel, however, is something of a misnomer, it would seem, because David will play a much more prominent role through the majority of the story.
        Though separated into two books in our translations, they were originally one book and will be treated as such for the purpose of the outline and this introduction.

II. Author

        The author of the books is unknown, though obviously it cannot be Samuel since he is said to have died by 1 Samuel 28:3.

III. An Outline of 1-2 Samuel

I. Samuel 1-7
II. Saul 8-15
III. David Gains the Kingship 16-31
IV. David Triumphant (2 Samuel) 1-10
V. David Recovering 11-24

        For further information about the structure of 1-2 Samuel, please refer to the article The Thematic Arrangements of Biblical Texts which appeared in Quartz Hill Journal of Theology.

Questions on 1-2 Samuel

1. Give a brief biography of the following:

a. Eli
b. Hophni and Phinehas
c. Samuel
d. Hannah
e. Saul
f. David
g. Jonathan
h. Abner
i. Nathan
j. Shimei
k. Mephibosheth
l. Adonijah
m. Ishbosheth
n. Ahithophel
o. Tamar
p. Hanun
q. Joab
r. Uzzah
s. Amnon
t. Asahel
u. Adoram
v. Abigail
w. Nabal
x. Bathsheba
y. Uriah
z. Goliath

2. What is the significance of 2 Samuel 7?
3. How did God use David's sins of adultery and numbering the people to further his purposes?
4. Where was Eli's home?
5. Where was the ark taken after leaving the Philistines?
6. Why did the people want a king?
7. What were the signs given to Saul by Samuel assuring him that he would become king?
8. Who lead the victory at Mizpeh?
9. Who ate food during a battle and almost died from it?
10. Who killed Saul?
11. What is the significance of En-Dor?
12. How does David demonstrate his knowledge of Scripture in his response to Nathan's parable?

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