8. Is Masturbation a Sin?

       The only mention of masturbation in the Bible would possibly be Lev. 15:16-18, 32-33; 22:4 and Deut. 23:10-11. It is interesting to notice that none of these passages refer to the emission of semen as a sin. In fact, such an emission has fewer consequences than a woman's menstruation.
       I would conclude, therefore, that masturbation is not a sin and is no more regulated in the Bible than relieving oneself or menstruating. This is unsurprising, since the overwhelming majority of human beings do masturbate at some point in their lives (and the rest, someone once said, are lying); if it was a sin, then, it seems to me, it would have been mentioned.
       Thus, I tell people if they don't feel guilty about doing it, then it is not a problem. On the other hand, if they do feel guilty, then perhaps they shouldn't. The principles of Romans 14 come into play: on matters of individual conscience, if the conscience is not clear, then for that individual it is a sin.