The Greek Alphabet

A a alphaa as in father
B b beta b as in bat
G g gamma g as in goat
D d delta d as in dog
E e epsilon e as in Ed
Z z zeta z as in zoo
H h eta e as in Beta
Q q theta th as in the
I i iota i as in it
K k kappa k as in kite
L l lambda l as in lite
M m mu m as in mom
N n nu n as in now
C c xi x as in Xylophone
O o omikron o as in hop
P p pi p as in pet
R r rho r as in race
S s, j sigma (note: the j occurs at the end of words) s as in silly
T t tau t as in hat
U u upsilon u as in soup
F f phi ph as in phone
X x chi ch as in loch
Y y psi ps as in psalms
W w omega o as in phone

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize and learn to write ALL of the letters of the alphabet, as well as to pronounce them correctly.

Writing the Greek Letters

These letters are written on the line: a e i k n o p s t u w.

These letters are written partly on and partly below the line: g h m r j x

These letters are written partly on and partly above the line: d q l

These letters are written on, above and below the line: b z c f y

The capital letters will only be used when they begin a proper noun. Sentences begin with small letters.

ASSIGNMENT: Practice writing all of the letters above on lined paper so that they are correctly written.

Vowel Combinations

When two or more vowels (a e i o u) occur together they are pronounced as one letter. The following chart will indicate the correct pronunciation of these vowel combinations in Greek (called diphthongs):

ai as in aisle
ei as in height
oi as in oil
au as in kraut
eu as in feud
ou as in group
ui pronounced like wee

Whenever gg, or kg occur together, they are pronounced "ng" as in "angel"

ASSIGNMENT: Practice correctly pronouncing the vowel combinations above.