Lesson 8 - Present, Passive, Indicative


a0naginwskw- I read qeoj- God
baptizw- I baptize kardia- heart
khrussw- I preach, proclaim kosmoj- world
menw- I abide, remain o(doj- road, way
swzw- I save, rescue inteknon desert
topoj- place zwh- life

fwnh- voice, sound

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary list above. Notice that the list contains both verbs and nouns.

The passive verb, (the topic of this lesson) is used when the subject of the verb is being acted upon, rather than acting. For example:

luw- I loose

luomai- I am being loosed

The following table shows the endings of the present, passive, indicative:

-mai = I am being... -meqa = we are being...
-h| = you are being.... - sqe = you (pl) are being...
-tai = he is being... - ntai = they are being...
- sqai = (infinitive)

These endings are added to the stem of the verb, and a connecting vowel is added (o before m or n, e before any other letter). For instance:

lu-o-mai = I am being loosed lu-o-meqa = we are being loosed

lu-h| = you are being loosed lu-e-sqai = you are being loosed (pl)

lu-e-tai = he is being loosed lu-o-ntai = they are being loosed

lu-e-sqai= to be loosed

The student will notice quite clearly the stem of the verb lu, the connecting vowel, and the verbal ending. These must be memorized.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the endings and connecting vowels of the present, passive, indicative. Then take the vocabulary verbs at the beginning of this lesson and conjugate them all in the present, passive, indicative (as above).

ASSIGNMENT: Translate the following sentences:

1. (oi( oi0koi luontai u(po twn ponhrwn a0nqrwpwn

2. o( pistoj a0delfoj swzetai u(po tou maqhtou tou mession

3. zwh a0po tou ui(ou menei e0n toij dikaioij a0nqrwpoij

4. o( a0gaqoj profhthj baptizei ta tekna

5. a0naginwskomen thn grafhn kai ginwskomen thn o(don a0gaphj