Lesson 21: Aorist Active and Middle Participles


diwkw- I persecute
mh- not
mhde- not even
mhde....mhde- neither...nor
mhketi- no longer

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary above.

The First Aorist active participle of luw is:


masc. fem. neut.
Nom. lusaj lusasa lusan
Gen. lusantoj lusashj lusantoj
L.I.D. lusanti lusash lusanti
Acc. lusanta lusasan lusan


masc. fem. neut.
Nom. lusantej lusasai lusanta
Gen. lusantwn lusaswn lusantwn
L.I.D. lusasi lusasaij lusasi
Acc. lusantaj lusasaj lusanta

The first aorist Middle participle of luw is:


masc. fem. neut.
Nom. lusamenoj lusamenh lusamenon
Gen. lusamenou lusamenhj lusamenou
L.I.D. lusamenw lusamenh lusamenw
Acc. lusamenon lusamenhn lusamenon


masc. fem. neut.
Nom. absentabsent lusamenoiain
Gen. lusamenwn lusamenwn lusamenwn
L.I.D. lusamenoij lusamenaij lusamenoij
Acc. lusamenouj lusamenaj lusamena

Note: The TIME of action indicated by the Aorist Participle is PRIOR to the action of the main verb. Otherwise, everything else has been noted in the preceding lesson.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the paradigms above and translate the following sentences.

1. e0celqwn e0k tou oi0kou tauta ei0pen

2. o( mh i0dwn ton kurion ou0k e0pisteusen ei0j au0ton