Lesson 28: Adjectives


0a0lhqhj true
megaj great
paj every
poluj much, many

The following are examples of adjectives that do not follow the patterns that we have already learned.

1- The declension of paj, pasa, pan, all.


Masc. Fem.Neut.
Nom. paj pasa pan
Gen. pantoj pashj pantos
L.I.D. panti pash panti
Acc. panta pasan pan


Masc. Fem.Neut.
Nom. pantej pasai panta
Gen. pantwn paswn pantwn
L.I.D. pasin pasaij pasin
Acc. pantaj pasaj panta

The rest of the adjectives which occur in the New Testament are regular enough that the student should be able to recognize the gender, case and number of any adjective.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary above, and translate I John 2:1-6.