Lesson 29: Verbs of the -mi conjugation


didwmi I give
i9sthmi I stand
tiqhmi I place, I put

Assignment: Memorize the vocabulary above.

Verbs of the -mi conjugation are fairly frequent in the New Testament. The student will easily recognize them because they will not have a stem that is relatively easy to spot! For instance, the stem of luw is lu, while the stem of didwmi is do, and the stem of i9sthmi is sta, and the stem of tiqhmi is qe.

So, when you are translating along and you cannot seem to locate a word in the dictionary, look to see if it is -mi verb.

The endings of the -mi verb are in the present indicative are:

-mi -men
-j -te
-ti -asi

These verbs can be easily enough recognized as regular (in their irregularity!).

ASSIGNMENT: Translate I John 2:7-11