Thanks must go especially to John R. Duncan and David M. Gower, my theology professors at Los Angeles Baptist College. They were not alone in influencing my theological thinking, however. Ronald Russell, Professor of New Testament and Greek and Stephen Brown, Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, also at Los Angeles Baptist College, had a profound impact on my approach to scripture. Greg Cantelmo, former instructor with the Logos program at Grace Community Church also had an impact, especially in the area of Soteriology. I would like to thank them all, and profoundly hope that if I have plagiarized from them, that I have at least done so accurately.
       Whatever is praiseworthy in this book should be directed to these people. Whatever is blameworthy, I'll shoulder alone.
       I must also thank my wife, Ruth W. Nettelhorst, because if I don't, she'll never let me forget it. More seriously, though, she has been a constant source of support and has contributed not a few significant thoughts.