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Lesson Three: Phonetics

By phonetics I mean that natural development of a language which is evident in the evolution of nouns, verbs and the other parts of speech. The development of the Ugaritic language is, however, a subject more suited to an advanced study and not the study of basic grammar. The subject is merely broached here so that the student knows from the very beginning that Ugaritic underwent the same kind of changes common in every language.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary below (and note again that only the transliteration of the words is given with a basic meaning).

yph    witness
lht     tablet
d     of
dbh     sacrifice
dqn     beard
dr     to sow
ahd     seized
ars     earth
sin     flocks
yzhq     he laughs
sgr     young
sgsg     to set (of the sun)
mgmg     to mix
ngs     to tremble
rgb     to be hungry
glm     youth
rgt     to suck
tgrt     gates
ngr     guard
yqg     to be alert
gr     mountain
zl     shade
hzr     court
zm     bone
mispt     an article of clothing
gan     pride
smal     left
tk     midst
mt     death
in     there is not
bt     house
ulp     prince
urbt     window
irby     locusts
uhy     brother

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