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Lesson 8: Prepositions

There are very few prepositions in Ugaritic. Thus, those prepositions which do exist are often pressed into multiple duty. Once again (!) the context must determine the meaning. Following are the Ugaritic prepositions and their range of meaning.

b = to, from, in, with, into, with (instrumental), with (material), among, for, after (temporal), while. With the 1st person singular suffix by = in me, etc.
l = to, from, for, to (motion), at (local), at (temporal), to (person addressed), for (advantage), for (purpose), by (in oaths)
-m an enclitic m placed on the prepositions (only at times)
ahr = after
bl = without
k = like, as
ade= up to, until
al = on, over, against the account of, into the presence of
m = with
tok = midst
yd= with

As in other Semitic languages, these prepositions can take the suffix. The student of Hebrew knows these forms so they will not be rehearsed here.

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize the vocabulary above, and translate the following passage: (This is the first translation assignment. The student should exercise care and simply do his or her best).

The passage to translate is KTU 4.407.

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