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Lesson 10: Miscellaneous Particles

This lesson will consist of the particles that occur rather frequently in Ugaritic.

Coordinating Conjunctions

w = and
p= and
Either...or = u......u

There are several subordinating conjunctions. These are:

ahr = after
hlm = as soon as
hm = if

There are also particles of existence and non existence.

it = there is
in = there is not

The interrogatives are:

iy = where
ik = how, why
h = ?
lm = why
my = who
mh = what

There are also expressions of surprise:

hn = lo, behold!
hl = lo, behold!

ASSIGNMENT: Memorize these various particles and translate the following text: KTU 4.93.

The student has now learned the essentials of Ugaritic Grammar. To pursue further study one needs to investigate advanced grammar and syntax. The interested student can find bibliographic information about this in Segert's Grammar.

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