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The Finances at Quartz Hill Community Church

Status for May 2018

Income rose in April to $5,131 and fell in May to $3,301. In April the General Fund gained $2,077 and in May lost $1,510. The net result, after saving to our Holding Fund is our General Fund balance fell slightly to $21,545. In April we also transferred $7,850 from the Parsonage Fund to the Rennovation fund and used it to upgrade our air conditioner. The Parsonage Fund still has $121,715. Our Deacon's Fund has $132. The Temporary Fund balance of $87 is for project hydrate. We received $110 for the Annie Armstrong offering and sent it to our state convention. The 2018 year-to-date report can be seen by following the 2018 link below.

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Reports submitted by Eric Miller, QHCC Treasurer.

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