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File Utilities

        If you don't have a program to unzip or unpack files, we recommend Winzip for Windows based systems (if you have Windows XP or later, you already have the ability to unzip built into the operating system.) Or, you may use StuffIt Expander for either Windows or the Macintosh. Click on the appropriate icon below to get what you need:

WinZip Now

        Winzip is shareware. You can try it for free, but if you like it and use it, then register it with the author and pay him. He deserves it.


        StuffIt Expander is shareware for the Macintosh and Windows based systems.


The fonts are freeware, created for Scholar's Press several years ago.

        Here are the Fonts for Windows based machines and the Apple Macintosh for Greek, Hebrew and other languages. Click on the Font you want. You will have to unzip it first and then move it to your FONT subdirectory before the font will be recognized by your system.

Greek Font for Windows
Greek Font For Macintosh
Readme File for Greek Font (includes keyboard layout)

Hebrew Font for Windows
Hebrew Font for Machintosh
Readme File for Hebrew Font (includes keyboard layout)

Coptic Font for Windows
Coptic Font for Machintosh
Readme File for Coptic Font (includes keyboard layout)

Syriac Font for Windows
Syriac Font for Machintosh
Readme File for Syriac Font (includes keyboard layout)

The Following Fonts are from R. Kainhofer. They are for Windows.

RK Ancient Fonts I
Includes Greek, Sanskrit, Merotic, Persian Cuneiform, and Ugaritic

Bible Programs

Olive Tree Software - Free Bible program and Bibles for your phone or tablet

E-sword Free Bible Program for Windows.

Text Reader

Virtual Book (for Windows 95) - 2091K

        Virtual Book lets you read text, RTF, and HTML files in an attractive facing-page book format. You can take a few extended text files with you on your laptop when traveling, then bookmark them, change fonts, create and use an index, add notes, and keep your virtual books on a virtual bookshelf. Virtual Book is more attractive and functional than a text editor for serious reading. The shareware version limits you to three books on your virtual bookshelf.
        You'll want this program to read the text files below (though you could read them in any word processing program, too).
        Virtual Book requires Windows 95 or better to run.


Greek New Testament - 386K
This is a transliterated version of the Greek Text.
Deuterocanonical Books - 443K
Fox's Book of Martyrs - 293K
Vine's Bible Dictionary - 1459K
Easton's Bible Dictionary - 1211K
Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible (Matthew Henry) - 1494K

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