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Quartz Hill School of Theology has published Jim West's books, Biblical Studies: A Beginners Guide to Significant Aspects of the Study of the Bible and Systematic Theology: Theology for the Person in the Pew.


The Current Issue of Quartz Hill Journal of Theology is available HERE. It is a quarterly journal of Bible and contemporary theological thought.

Quartz Hill Journal of TheologyS

Past Issue of Quartz Hill Journal of Theology is available HERE.

Inner Beauty, a calendar for 2006 featuring photographs by Dandi Moyers, our Assistant Editor, is now available HERE. Featuring beautiful closeups of flowers.

Inner Beauty
A Photo From Inner Beauty

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FarvardynFarvardyn Project is a source about religions, culture, civilization, rituals and ceremonies of the Gateway of the east, Ancient Persia. It also provides some introductory informations about holy and dead languages of the lost world of Iran. The Farvardyn site has granted us the following two awards:

Farvardyn Farvardyn